Boomboxes first came on the scene around 1977 and were a portable way to bring your music with you. They were also known by names such as radio-cassette players, ghetto blasters, box, jambox, etc.

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Typical boomboxes can receive AM/FM radio broadcasts, has an amplifier, usually a cassette player or dual cassette player/recorder, later a cd player and today an MP3 player. They had speakers, which were sometimes detachable. You could record off the radio, thru a mic or record from one cassette to another. They were usually powered by D size batteries or plugged into an outlet. They had handles so you could carry them around, some had a place to add a strap, so you could throw the radio over your shoulder. Some boomboxes had special features, like a turntable or lights.

The peak of boombox sales were from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s and vintage boomboxes from those eras are in great demand. Let us know in the comments below which one you have or are looking for.

Top Boombox Brands And Models
Aiwa – CA-W20, CS-770, CS-880, CS-M1, CS-R10, CS-W7, TPR-801, TPR-850, TPR-901, TPR-955, TPR-990
Candle – JTR-1286
Casio – CK-200, KX-101
Citizen – JTR-1292
Clairtone – 7980 (seen in Breakin’)
Conion – C-100F (seen in The Last Dragon), CRC-H58F, TC-999
Crown – CSC-850
Electro Brand
Fisher – CR-300
General Electric, GE – 3-5251A, 3-5286
Grundig – RR-750, RR-1020
Helix – HX-4631, HX-4635
Hitachi – TRK-8290, TRK-8600
JVC – Quintet, RC-M80, RC-680, RC-838, RC-550, RC-M70 (seen in Wild Style), RC-M90 (one of the most popular) found on LL Cool J’s Radio and The Beastie Boys’ Solid Gold Hits album covers
Lasonic – i931, TRC-920
Lloyd’s – V330
Magnavox – D8443
Marantz – Superscope, “Gold Line” PMS-3500, PMS-6000, PMS-7000
National – RS-4360, RX-5300, RX-5700, RX-7200
Panasonic – RQ-4040, RS-466S, RX-C52, RX-5040, RX-5050, RX-5080, RX-5250, RX-5030, RX-5090, RX-5350, RX-5500, RX-7000, RX-7200, RX-7700 (one of the most popular)
Pioneer – SK-21, SK-31, SK-71, SK-80
Quasar – GX-3652
Radio Shack – SCR-6
Realistic – SCR-8
Rising – SRC-2015
Sanyo – Big Ben, 9902, M7900K, M9935K, M9980, M9998, MX650
Sharp – CF-5656, GF-525, GF-535, GF-575, GF-666, GF-777, GF-8686, GF-9595, GF-9696, RP-114, VZ2000, VZ-2500 Turntable Boombox
Siemens – Club 794
Skitronic – Breakdancer BD-8000 (Disco Lite), Disco Lite ES-555 used in Madonna and Lady Gaga videos
Sony – CF-520, CF-530, CFS-77, CFS-99, CFS-D7
Technics – SA-C05
Tecsonic – MX-900
Toshiba – Bombeat RT-8000S, RT-150, RT-S893, RT-S931, WX-1
Trident – Ghettoblaster
Victoria – CPR-5000

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  1. Gonzalo October 14, 2017

    I have been trying to find an Aiwa CS-R10 for sometime now I need some help!!!
    If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate that.

  2. Kip January 15, 2017

    Hi there! Looking to find a Candle JTR-1286… I loved this thing as a child and would dearly love to land a other!

    All the best… 🙂

  3. Chad Greenleaf January 7, 2017

    Hello, I’m also looking for a 1987 Dynasty Personal Disco Lite Boombox to purchase. Thanks.

  4. Chad Greenleaf January 7, 2017

    Hello, can someone please tell me what is the difference between the Sharp GF-787 boombox and the Sharp -999..?? Thanks

  5. Anthony V Smith December 31, 2016

    Hi i have a tecsonic super jumbo boom box for sell same one radio raheem use in do the right best offer.good condition.

  6. evri October 5, 2016

    Hi looking for a jvc rc 680 black in good condition

  7. Angel Rosado September 21, 2016

    I just purchased a JVC quintet on ebay and am refoaming the speakers. Searched everywhere for replacement speakers but could not find any. They dont make them anymore. Whoever owned the radio really took care of it. Everything works. They never took it outside. The battery compartment was never used. All the wires are original. There is a guide in clear plastic attached to the back that show where all of the wires get connected to. I decided to refoam the speakers instead of replacing them because it is worth more in its original state. If anyone knows where i can purchase original speakers, please hit me up.

  8. Calvin Crutchfield March 15, 2015

    I have the conion c100f &helix4635 but the main one I’m looking for that I use to have is the helix wheely 5000 aka jc2000 elta master blaster and matsuki 5000 this was the biggest boomboxes ever made conion had that spot until these came along

  9. scott February 18, 2015

    im looking for a general electric Model 3-6035A Vintage Boombox . if anyone can help me locate one please send me a email ..

  10. ashiqi November 6, 2014


    I’m from Dhaka,Bangladesh, my running sound system is :
    Cd Player;Marantz 6500,
    Pre amp:Cary SLP05,
    Power Amp:Bryston BSST03,
    Speaker:Dynaudio audience 72,
    Sp cable:Harmonix double barrel,
    XLR/RCA Cable:Harmonix Gold,
    Power cable:Harmonix XDC Studio.

    But i’m not happy, Still i liked early ’80 BoomBox sound and i loved boombox pictures also.

  11. luis marquez August 30, 2014

    looking to purchase JVC RC-550JW portable stereo cassette player

  12. FREDDIE L MOORE JR July 23, 2014


  13. Charles Janssen May 10, 2014

    Looking for a later model that plays cassettes and cd. No junk please


    C janssen

  14. Dennis Gamez April 4, 2014

    Big fan of my 80s era specially my old school jams from then unlike now a days.

  15. dennis September 10, 2013

    Im looking for a rising src 2015 in full working mode. i know its hard for as long as its been but if you could help id appreciate it.

  16. vince August 14, 2013

    what do you know about a Rising SCR 2005B. I can find the SCR 2015 online but not the SCR 2005B. It is the same size as the Scr 2015 and they kind of look alike. Thanks Vince

  17. Sonya June 4, 2013

    Can someone please let me know when a vintage sharp gf9696 come in at a cheap price.

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