Crosley Radios

Powel Crosley first started making radios in the 1920’s after his son wanted one and being shocked at how much radios were selling for in department stores, well over $100. His goal was to produce affordable radios under $100.

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He then began to manufacture radio components and soon after radios. One of the first radios produced was the “Harko” with the help of two University of Cincinnati students.

By 1924, Crosley’s company, Crosley Radio Corporation, was the largest radio manufacturer in the world.

in 1925, the “Crosley Pup” was introduced which was a small 1-tube regenerative radio that sold for under $10. At the same time, they introduced a mascot for the company, a cute, chubby, little dog named Bonzo

The Crosley Corporation was sold to the Aviation Corporation in 1945, which later closed down in 1956.

Popular Crosley Radios
Crosley Pup

Crosley Radios Value
Mid $$ – Low $,$$$


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    needle for cr6249uem1

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    looking for a needle for cr624uem1

  3. Fred December 19, 2016

    I have a Crowley 1936 model 516 radio missing the brass plate that trims the glass dial. Where can I find one?

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