Django Unchained Discontinued Action Figures, Dolls, Toys

Django Unchained action figures were discontinued right after release due to protests asking for a boycott of the doll. According to some sources, only 1,000 Django Unchained action figures, toys and dolls were ever released, so these have become pretty rare and highly sought after. The only place we know of that you can buy them online is Ebay used to carry them, but according to reports on TMZ, they have stopped those sales as well.

Django Unchained Action Figures


  1. frankie January 25, 2013

    if you have an ebay account put them on your watch list,once ebay gets wind the figures are on they will remove it. Really don’t know why, If they sell other slavery relics and history artifacts, why not action figures.
    Once sellers put them up either buyers buy them or ebay removes them (SMH)

  2. ricardo January 25, 2013

    Why is everyone saying they were banned from ebay if i just seen several on ebay…there is actually the whole set running for 5000.00 on ebay…

  3. frankie January 25, 2013

    Every one is saying series one, Well check, cause they only put one series out and stop production (according to all news articles). The figures are actually GREAT, but i’ve seen them upwards of $8K for a complete set, that’s kinda crazy. Its a sellers market, if you got them at cost. I have 5 except for Broomhilda who wouldh’ve ever thought the price would sky rocket over 100x the cost, well folks it did, Now that some online sites are banning the sale, it will even get a higher demand for them. Good luck to any one who wants them and your lucky if you have them!!!!
    p.s. should i sell them or keep them????????

  4. John January 24, 2013

    Rick, there might have been more produced, but it’s about how many were released. And they stopped production and selling them, so they just might do away with the inventory that was never released or do something else with them. And with the ones released, it’s how to get them. And now, since Ebay is not allowing people to sell them anymore, it looks like Amazon is the only place to buy these Django Unchained action figures online.

  5. Rick January 24, 2013

    There were far more than 1000 of these figures sold. There is a picture of a case of ten still in it’s shipping container on sold items on ebay that is clearly marked # 130 of 2500. The prices of these figures are going to come crashing down. Broomhilda pricing is pure speculation and since these are made in CHINA there are going to be tens of thousands sold no matter what NECA says. Hold off on any purchase until you see the official production numbers and then wait to see how many 100’s of cases start showing up on the market above that number.

  6. Reddog January 24, 2013

    Ebay has banned the sale of these dolls, but you can still find them on Amazon

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