Fulper Pottery

Fulper Pottery Company was founded in 1899, in Flemington, New Jersey by Abraham Fulper. They started out making stoneware pottery and utilitarian wares such as tiles, crockery, bottles, jugs and housewares.

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In the early 1900’s, they introduced a line of fire-proof cookware and also a filter called the “Germ-Proof Filter”, used to sanitize drinking water.

Fulper started making art pottery in 1909 until 1935.

From 1910 until 1915, they produced a line of art pottery called the Vasekraft line created by Dr. Cullen Parmelee, which was influenced by art pottery from China. They were expensive and difficult to mass produce. Shortly after, Martin Stangl took over the Vasekraft line turning out Arts & Crafts style items like lamps, candleholders, jars and much more.

After World War I, Fulper stared making pottery with Spanish Revival and English themes.

During the 1920’s, they produced their first line of solid-color dinnerware called Fulper Fayence, which was later changed to Stangl Pottery after Martin Stangl. Stangl became president of the company after William Fulper died in 1928.

From 1925 thru the 1930’s , they produced many Art Deco items as well as Primitive and Classical styles.

In 1978, Pfaltzgraff became sole owner of the Stangl assets.

Fulper Pottery Marks
1910 – 1915 – FULPER ink mark, in a rectangle
1915 – 1925 – FULPER black ink mark or incised
1925 – 1935 – FULPER die-stamped

Popular Fulper Pottery
Bowls – ibis bowl
Boxes – dresser box
Desk Accessories
Doll Heads
Jars – powder jar
Lamps – perfume lamp, table lamp
Tobacco Jars

Fulper Pottery Price Guide, Values
Low $$ – Low $,$$$


  1. Barry July 10, 2014

    I have several pieces that came from the Jos. P Day estate (NJ)_that may be Fulper, where can I send photos. 7-2014

  2. wanda January 26, 2014

    I have a vase similar to the Falper pottery. the vase has over lays of iris type lilies the vase is coil method in structure, have you seen anything like this
    wanda click

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