Grueby Pottery

Grueby Pottery was established in Boston in 1894 by William Henry Grueby under the name Grueby Faience Company. The art pottery was molded by hand and hand tooled with a semi-porcelain body. Sometimes decorations were added by young girls. Many colors were produced with green being the most popular. Besides the art pottery, they also made architectural tiles. In 1908, the firm was divided into the Grueby Pottery Company and the Grueby Faience and Tile Company. The Grueby Faience and Tile Company made art tile until 1920, and pottery production stopped around 1911.

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Grueby Pottery Marks
Grueby Faience Co. Boston U.S.A.
Grueby Pottery Boston U.S.A.

Popular Grueby Pottery
Vases – Gourd shaped vase

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