Harker Pottery

The Harker Pottery Company was founded in 1840, in East Liverpool, Ohio, by Benjamin Harker, Sr. They produced many types of pottery, dinnerware, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Benjamin Harker, Sr. hired a potter to teach his sons, Benjamin Harker, Jr. and George S. Harker, the trade. In the 1850’s, they were making yellowware, whiteware, as well as Rockingham inspired, brown-glazed pottery. In 1931, they moved to the plant to Chester, West Virginia, to get away from the constant flooding.

One of Harker’s most popular lines was Cameoware, where a design was cut into the colored glaze. They were also well known for wares using the Pate Sur Pate method, which they called Royal Gadroon. It was a paste method that created a decorative white border. Other popular lines include items with the Autumn Leaf pattern inspired by Hall China and dinnerware designed by Russel Wright.

The company was sold to the Jeannette Glass Company in 1969, and it closed down a few years later in 1972.

Harker Pottery Marks
The Harker Pottery Co. – Quality Since 1840

Harker Pottery Patterns, Lines
Autumn Leaf
Royal Gadroon

Popular Harker Pottery
Bathroom Fixtures
Pate Sur Pate
Rolling Pins – ceramic rolling pin

Harker Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $ – Mid $,$$$


  1. Betty Schallenkamp April 29, 2013

    Want to sell (6) Harker Pottery Royal Gadroon Vintage dinner plates. Pristine condition, rarely used. Need suggested price to sell and would like to know age of pattern.

  2. Marva Reynolds June 20, 2013

    Harker Pitcher. belonged to my great. great aunt. Hairline crack. just wondered of the value. Dated 1840

  3. Gloria Rogers August 11, 2013

    would like to get in contact with Marva Reynolds about the Harker Pitcher. I also have one dated 1840 would like to see if it is the same…

  4. Dawn Simpson September 6, 2013

    Pattern Chesterton, blue-light grey. When was this pattern first produced, and what year did they quite making it ? I’ve seen several different marks on the back but have no idea which is the oldest.


  5. Becky Harker September 7, 2013

    Have been told there’s a Harker Pottery Pattern names “Becky” but I’ve never seen or found it. True?

  6. Glenda Gunn November 25, 2013

    I have set of Harker Pottery Rose printed set of dishes. My set is dated 1840, with a 22 printed on the botto m of eac rh piece. Also there is a gold rim on each piece as well.. Just want to . know if dishes has any value.

    Mrs. Gunn

  7. Rosemarie Ramirez November 27, 2013

    Hello I have a 12 piece setting pattern of wild rose. That on bottom of each dinnerware piece it reads Harker Pottery Co. 22k gold since1817. It has a cassorole dish, a creamer, platter, salad plate, coffee cups with dish to place under each cup. It was my grandmothers set. I am planning on selling but have no idea of the value. And it is mint condition. If you can give me an idea of a asking price. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! RoseMarie

  8. Margaret Brinegar December 25, 2013

    I have found among my mothers (deceased) belongings a creamer pitcher. I have not found the sugar bowl. It is green, with white trim. Is this of any value without the sugar bowl?

  9. Barbara Franz December 28, 2013

    I have my deceased mothers 22 Karat Gold antique plate with gold colored flowers trimmed along the circle with a big colorful boutique of flowers in the middle . I have a full set . its kind of hard to explain the apprence of the plates but does anyone know the value of what this could be ?? thanks (:

  10. Barbara Franz December 28, 2013

    Harker Pottery Bakerite PETIT POINT 14″ Oval Platter 22K GOLD is what is ! I want to sell them . can anyone tell me the price ? thanks (:

  11. Louise Yarvis January 23, 2014

    I have a complete set, service for 12 of a tea and toast or cake st. The plates have an inndented place to put the cup and ample room for a sandwich, or toast, or cake and/or cookies. It is at least as old as the 11940s. 12 cups and the 12 plates, 4 matching ashtrays, a large cake plate and a ceramic matching cake server. They are the Corinthian/teal pattern and are maarked on the back pate set pate. Could anyone tel me what the inrtact set is worth and is anyone interested in buying the whole set.

  12. joyce peek February 15, 2014

    I have many pieces of Harker Pottery. It does not have a pattern name on the back. Just states 22 KT. Gold. They have wild geese on them. I also have a complete set of 10 plates with the place to put your coffee/tea cup. It looks like what would be used for a tea. I can not find a picture of this pattern anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

  13. Mary Ann Kimbrell May 31, 2014

    I have small square “plates” that are pottery and have gold trim around the top edge. I can not find these anywhere. The have 4 different cars from 1800-1900’s. Does any one have any idea what they are or where to find info about them.

  14. Debbie Mossman August 15, 2014

    I have one plate that has a lady sitting outside, holding flowers and a gentlemen sitting beside her on the ground .He has a George Washington style hairdo. I would love to know what the design is called and how old it may be? It has 22 kt gold written on the back. Harker pottery. thank you!

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