Marc Bellaire

Marc Bellaire Ceramics Studio was founded in the early 1950’s, in Culver City, California, by Marc Bellaire (Donald Fleischman). He started off working for Sascha Brastoff in 1950 before opening up his own studio.

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His pieces had figures that often resembled stick figures, aliens, or African people, with limbs of exaggerated length. Later pieces were in the Southwestern style.

Marc Bellaire passed away in 1994.

Marc Bellaire Pottery Marks
Marc Bellaire

Marc Bellaire Pottery Patterns, Lines, Ranges
Bird Isle
Grecian Woman
Green Bird
Jungle Dancer
Mardi Gras
Park Avenue Primitive
Polynesian Star
Root Heads

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Marc Bellaire Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $ – Mid $,$$$


  1. Carol Wiker August 24, 2017

    Mr. Bellaire traded one of his vases for something my mother had made. Her signature name was usually “by Marzee.” Her initials were MVJ. Is it still in his collection? Would have been in the 60’s I think.

  2. Marilyn Grant August 15, 2017

    I have a set that’s all white. It consist of a pitcher (appt 16″), 4 mugs and a fruit compote. I remember 60 years ago when my mother brought these into our home and put them in their “home” on the fireplace mantel. Loved them then as a little girl. They are on my mantel now. Love them now. Does anyone know their worth or history?

  3. Cindy Boucher October 28, 2015

    I have 6 pieces of the Mardi Gras style. 2 vases, 1 covered candy dish, 1 large ash tray, one small ash tray and one TV lamp that still works. I am curious about the TV lamp it is a round ball that the light comes out of the rear, it is made to place on top of the
    TV. I have never seen one anywhere else, can I get some information about his collections what he made. Thank you

  4. Mark Perry August 31, 2015

    I have a large vase and 2 large(Matching) lamps painted and signed by Marc and am interested in selling them.

    If interested please contact me at

  5. joan walsh February 20, 2015

    I have a marc bellaire California ash tray cane or lane painting. I would like to sell it but do not know who to go or where. Also on the back is B 1/4/71

  6. Scott Orsatti August 5, 2014

    I also have a painting by Marc Bellaire. It is a 4 x4 foot canvas painting of an American Indian that my parents commissioned in 1988 through the La Quinta Trading Company. My parents had a 2nd home in Palm Springs and they had it decorated in Southwestern motif. I would like to sell this painting but don’t know where and to whom.

  7. june taylor May 25, 2014

    I have two marc bellaire paintings on canvas. Very large 4 ft by 6 ft. commissioned work.
    Done in 1991 -92 Palm Springs…actually Cat City as it is known. We lived in the desert at
    the time. Can you direct me to any information on his paintings and perhaps some showings of them?

    Thank you

  8. Donna Fitzpatrick February 27, 2014

    I have a white vase (12′”)with a narrow neck that runs slim and then has a wide bottom. This item is signed on the outside Marc Bellaire, not on the bottom there brown flowers with green leaves hand painted on the vase . Can you guide me where to learn more about this piece. I would be happy to include a photo.

    Thank you,
    Donna Fitzpatrick

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