Mary Gregory Glass

Mary Gregory glass originated in Bohemia around the late 19th century and was exported to the United States and England. It featured white, silhouette-type figures, usually children at play, that were painted on clear or colored glass.

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It was first thought that this glass was made by a woman named Mary Gregory that used to work for the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, but recent research has shown that this was not the case. Early Mary Gregory glass was made in Bohemia, starting around 1870.

Starting in 1957, Westmoreland Glass Company made similar designs but with these, the children were standing.

Mary Gregory Glass Marks
Child in white with birds

Mary Gregory Glass Patterns, Designs
Inverted Thumbprint

Popular Mary Gregory Glass
Cranberry Glass
Green Glass
Perfume Bottles
Water Sets

Mary Gregory Glass Value, Price Guide
High $ – Mid $$$


  1. Lynn Hanmer October 20, 2016

    I have several pieces of Mary Gregory that I am looking to sell. They are at least three generations old. Are you interested? Do you know where I can sell them?

  2. John E. Allgauer August 18, 2014

    Yesterday at auction I purchased a pair of Mary Gregory pieces. The one I am most curios about is a vase that is 12″ tall and 5 1/2″ wide that is dark green with six clear glass decorative scallops on each side. The vase is round, but the top 1 1/2″ is divided into twelve equal straight segments. There is a 3 3/4″ tall male child figure surrounded by 6 doubled streams of lily of the valley. He is facing left. There are also four gold branches rising from the base. The middle two are branched, while those on either side are just straight lines. The glass has no chips and has VERY tiny bubbles inside. When I compare it to others I’ve seen online it seems to be an 1880’s piece. I have never seen this exact piece on line and would like to know its value. Can you help me?

  3. Carol Magill March 25, 2014

    I have a Mary Gregory green pitcher with ruffled rim approx. 81/2-9″. The pitcher has a hand-blown indentation. The girl appears to be reaching for a ball.
    There are 2 4″ tumblers, the girl appears to be holding a flower?

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