McCoy Pottery

The J.W. McCoy Pottery Company was founded in 1899, in Roseville, Ohio, by J.W. McCoy. They produced stoneware and some art pottery lines. The plant was destroyed by fire in 1903, but rebuilt a couple of years later.

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In 1909, George Brush became general manager of the pottery. In 1910, J.W. McCoy, along with his son Nelson McCoy, founded the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company. They joined other stoneware companies and formed the American Clay Products Company (APCP), until it was liquidated in 1926.

In 1911, they merged with two other potteries forming the Brush-McCoy Pottery Company.

In 1925, the McCoy family sold their interest in the Bush-McCoy Pottery Co. and expanded and improved the Nelson McCoy Company. They produced artware, earthenware and stoneware. Brush Pottery remained in business until 1982.

During the early 1930’s, they shifted to making more art pottery and changed their name again to Nelson McCoy Pottery in 1933.

Nelson McCoy Sr., died in 1945, and his nephew, Nelson McCoy Melick took over as company president.

In 1950, a fire destroyed the plant but just six months later they were up and running again.

Nelson Melick died in 1954 and his son Nelson Jr. took over as president.

In 1967, the company was sold to David Chase, owner of Mt. Clemens Pottery Company.

In 1974, the company was sold to Lancaster Colony Corporation.

In 1985, the company was sold again to Designer Accents. The pottery was marketed as Nelson McCoy Ceramics until they closed down for good in 1990.

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McCoy Pottery Marks
Mt. Clemens Pottery – after 1967
LCC – after 1974 for Lancaster Colony Corp.

McCoy Pottery Patterns, Lines
Cherries and Leaves
Garden Club
Leaves and Berries
Loy-Nel-Art – named for James McCoy’s three sons, Lloyd, Nelson, and Arthur
Ring Ware
Wild West
Woodsy Owl

Popular McCoy Pottery
Art Pottery
Cookie Jars – bananas, chinese lanterns, clowns, coca-cola, grandfather clocks, harley davidson, indians, kangaroos, monk shaped cookie jar, quaker oats, strawberry jar
Flower Pots
Pitchers – ring ware, strap pitcher

McCoy Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $ – Mid $$$


  1. Peggy Branham January 17, 2018

    I have a mccoy pineapple cookir jat i. Would like to sell. It has McCoy 158 U.S.A.with 3 marks kn the bottom.. Jar looks like a basket cwrave with a bow around thr top of it. Jar is in good to gteat condition. My number is 770 807 9175. My name is peggy branham

  2. Cheryl Jones January 14, 2018

    I have 2 blue flowerpots with a white flower on the front. They were my grandmother’s. What is the value? They have a M on the bottom.

  3. Jane boardwine December 29, 2017

    I have a flower vase with the McCoy marking, as well as a sugar bowl. I was wondering about their value, as well as any buyers who may be interested
    Thank you.

  4. Jason jennings March 27, 2017

    I have a tourquois swan vase with a white rose on the bottum by the marking what is it worth

  5. Jo-Anne March 12, 2017

    I have an Aunt Jemima cookie jar, has been in the family for as long as I remember ( was my great grandmothers), just wondering the value. Mccoy on bottom

  6. Rex March 3, 2017

    I have an antique McCoy original Pontiac Indian cookie jar with #2 stamp. Any idea what the value is?

  7. Vernona lagers January 29, 2017

    I have a cookie jar that looks like an old milk can. Has some kind of flowers on front,and has McCoy on bottom. Had this in my home as a child.i could send pictures.

  8. dusty January 18, 2017

    Can’t locate my McCoy White bowl with gold trim anywhere on internet. It has white ornate handles on both sides trimmed in gold , gorgeous red rose in a circle, on each side. About 5.5″ tall x 9″. Found a blue speckled bowl, the same as mine, except for color. The white is very delicate looking. It is shiny glazed. The top is scalloped. THANKS

  9. Michele Vanderpool January 17, 2017

    I have a old McCoy turqoise pitcher with 2 clovers on one side and 3 clovers on the other side trying to find out what it might be worth the pitcher does not have any chips the pitcher has a smooth handle

  10. Shelly Meese October 5, 2016

    I have a pink piece of pottery that has USA on the bottom of it. I was told that this piece was a rare collectible and wanted some input from someone who knows.

  11. HENRY August 14, 2016

    I have 4 orignal brush mccoy spice jars from the dandy line productin i know of only one sold about 10 years ago for around 900 dollars i have 4 of them wanting to sell to some one that has a collection of yellow ware these item are authentic and would be a great add on to someone already yellowware

  12. Joannna s August 3, 2016

    I have a vintage rare bronze type finish with small handles on each side. I was told valuable, i attempted to sell online and was told it was painted. I tested it and took back to person who told me it was valuable and they confirmed authentic. How can i confirm with a proper name and get value.

  13. Duvy cantu July 1, 2016

    I have a vase with green leaves and has gold imprint all through the vase and a gold seal on the bottom. It has Mc Coy USA 4484on bottom of vase and the gold seal can barely see it. Gold is noticed all through the vase. It has a chip some of the green is coming out on the inside. But like I said it has gold design even on the leaves.

  14. Linda May 9, 2016

    I have a McCoy Black Baby Grand Piano is it valuable?

  15. Leona LaBrie February 5, 2016

    Hello, I have an Ecru colored scalloped dish with McCoy, 1801 on the bottom. Is this a valuable antique

  16. Nickadizzy November 30, 2015

    Have a McCoy Lancaster Colony cylinder vase on my shop, mold 677. Shape is nothing remarkable but the heavy drip glaze in yellow, off white and speckles looks more like something from Europe or Canada than the U.S. It’s similar to brown drip glaze of early McCoy but in a strange color. Haven’t seen any other pieces with this glaze or look. Any info?

  17. Sue Mims November 1, 2015

    Looking for Aunt Jemimah type figurines. I had bought one a few years ago in N.C. My cat knocked it off & broke it. I would like to buy some more of them.

  18. Rebecca Good June 10, 2015

    I have a McCoy basket about 9″ tall and have not seen one like it. It’s green tulip shape leaves on the bottom and a green leaf-braid handle with rosy colored tulips? at rim, but they have raised white dot pattern like a berry possibly. Inside and under is cream color glaze with McCoy USA on bottom. Any info as to age or value?

  19. pauline james April 26, 2015

    I have a pair of turquoise violin pocket planters with gold etching and gold strings. Mint condition. Trying to find the value.

    Thank you

  20. D. Morgan January 26, 2015

    I have a large collection of Hull, McCoy, Haeger, Royal Haeger, and others. ALL pieces are beautiful and completely unmarred (no chips, etc.). Entire collection is for sale as a unit. Consists of more than 100. Small and large pieces.

  21. Carolyn allen November 8, 2014

    I have a mother and baby zebra planter. McCoy marking on bottom. Trying to find out what the current value of this piece. Looks brand new, no water staining and colors are strong.

  22. william white October 9, 2014

    I have my grandmothers yellow wheelbarrow planter with a reddish brown rooster with greenish/black comb and back of tail colored the same. The planter is in excellent shape with a glorious sheen because she kep it in her glass curio cabinet. It’s marked McCoy. The M is capital with a small c on part of the M followed By Capital Coy. USA underneath. The mark is between the 2 back legs of the wheelbarrow. Value?

  23. Sally Pietrzak June 2, 2014

    I have a large McCoy Owl pot in gold/brown = it has a sleeping owl on one side and a wide-eyed owl on the other. It has holes on sides for hanging I think. Any idea what this is valued at? I am interested in selling as we are moving into our motorhome & will be traveling.

  24. MARK SLONE March 1, 2014


  25. Marrha Keegan February 11, 2014

    I have two McCoy cookie jars. Tan background with brown glazed lids. The numbers on the bottom are 253 and 254. The large jar has a pineapple and strawberry motif The smaller jar has pears and hazel nuts. The hall mark on both jars is a C. The two jars are shaped like old milk cans. Can you tell me something about these two items.

  26. Debbie walker January 30, 2014

    I have a 1940-43 McCoy two piece planter base is14″brown and green top is 9″round brown and green signed McCoy. What is the Approx value

  27. Rebecca Muntz December 3, 2013

    I have two McCoy
    Peacock pattern vases from about the 1950’s, What are they worth

    I have 2 peacock pattern vases from the 1950’s. What are they worth?


  28. barbara hall November 3, 2013

    I have a mccoy cookie jar. Tan with brown overglaze says cookie jar on front. Looks like maybe a pineapple desig. Lid is smooth number on bottom is 260 USA

    Can you tell me the name of jar as well as the valueand when it was made?

  29. Charles T June 17, 2013

    I have dull glaze yellow cornacopeea basket weave never seen it any where but the mark is good can you help thinking of selling but for what??? Thank You Charles,been collecting for 20+years 15+ pots and more love this stuff

  30. MARY H CARLSON May 21, 2013


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