Muncie Pottery

Muncie Pottery, first known as the Muncie Clay Products Company, was founded in 1922, in Muncie, Indiana, by Charles Benham.

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They produced pottery mainly for florists and gift shops. The produced high, matte and drip glaze pottery. In 1929, designer Reuben Haley introduced a new Spanish line and the Ruba Rombic line, similar to designs used by Consolidated Glass Company.

Muncie Pottery closed down in 1939, mainly due to problems brought on by the Great Depression.

Muncie Pottery Marks
Numbers and letters – example: 2B

Muncie Pottery Patterns, Lines
Ruba Rombic
Fern Leaf
Sea Gull
Spanish Line

Popular Muncie Pottery
Art Pottery
Vases – bud vase

Muncie Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $ – Mid $,$$$

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