Niloak Pottery

Niloak Pottery was founded in 1911, in Benton, Arkansas and made by Eagle Pottery Company from 1909 until 1946. Niloak is Kaolin spelled backwards, the fine clay used in production. The company fell on hard times and closed in 1918 but reopened a few years later in 1921, adding more lines.

They produced art pottery using clay with colored swirls and a soft matte finish called Mission Swirl, developed by Charles Hyten and Arthur Dovey. The pottery was made in a counter-clockwise direction in usually red, blue, tan or brown colors. By 1931, they started making castware called Hywood Art Pottery.

Niloak Pottery Marks
Hywood on Hywood Art Pottery items

Niloak Pottery Patterns
Hywood Art Pottery
Hywood By Niloak
Mission Swirl

Popular Niloak Pottery
Art Pottery

Niloak Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $ – Mid $,$$$

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