Ohr Pottery

Ohr Pottery was founded in 1883, in Biloxi, Mississippi, by George E. Ohr.

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In 1884, he exhibited more than 600 pieces. Early pieces were made of very thin clay and were crushed, folded and dented into odd shapes. Later pieces were often unglazed. Some pieces were lifelike renditions of animal heads, clothing, food, etc. Over 10,000 pieces were made, with no two pieces being the same.

In 1906, Ohr closed down the pottery and stored more than 6,000 pieces, which he left to his family. It was rediscovered in 1972.

Ohr Pottery Marks
G.E. Ohr

Ohr Pottery Patterns
Joe Jefferson

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  1. Tammy Hether December 29, 2016

    I have a 23 in talk black handmade pottery pitcher/ewer, I was wondering if g.e. our marked his pieces with a number? My ever has a 3 on the bottom. Also I have a picture I could send you. Thank ypu

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