Paden City

The Paden City Glass Company was founded in 1916, in Paden City, West Virginia. They produced over 20 colors of handmade and mold blown glass. Paden City survived the Great Depression by selling their glass to companies like Empire Silver, Lotus, National Silver Deposit and Von Deman, who took the glass and applied their own etchings and silver overlay.

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David Fisher managed the company until his death in 1933, when his son, Samuel Fisher took over becoming President of the company until it closed down in 1951.

Paden City Glass Marks
Paden City Pottery – Made In U.S.A.

Paden City Glass Patterns, Designs
Black Forest
Nora Bird
Wild Rose

Popular Paden City Glass
Cake Stands
Depression Glass
Plates – serving plate

Popular Paden City Glass Colors
Blue Yellow
Cheri-Glo (pink) colors

Paden City Glass Value, Price Guide
High $ – Mid $$$


  1. cathy ann August 30, 2017

    I have a beautiful, in mint condition, Gazebo Paden City glass punch bowl set that includes the bowl, underlay dish and 10 punch bowl cups and am trying to establish the value of it. It dates back to the 1940’s…. any suggestions for websites, thank you

  2. fwbauer March 30, 2017

    Did Paden City produce an ‘arms’ similar to Cambridge Arms? Did anyone other than Cambridge produce a set of arms similar to Cambridge? Is a picture of said arms available? I would appreciate a response. Thank you. —fwb

  3. philip carcione October 14, 2016

    I an looking for info on what a think is a paden city vase style 182 in sterling overlay with a award or commemerative for the Harlem Valley Gun Club,

  4. Sue Barry September 9, 2016

    Would be interested in a
    Clear picture of the pattern Cupid. I have an ice tub that may be that pattern.

  5. marilyn hilsen March 8, 2013

    Looking for ruby paden city crow’s foot plate-almost 11 inch in diameter.has 4 crow’s feet around the 2 inch outer edge.

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