Pairpoint Manufacturing Company was founded in 1880, in New Bedford, Massachusetts, by William L. Libbey. They first produced silver plated wares, glass and lamps.

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In 1894, they merged with the Mount Washington Glass Company to become the Pairpoint Corporation. They were sold in 1939 to a group of local businessmen and one in that group bought out the company and turned management over to Robert M. Gundersen. It then operated under the name Gundersen Glass Works. In 1952, after Gundersen’s death, the name was changed to Gundersen-Pairpoint. That factory closed in 1956. Robert Byrden took over the company, producing glass abroad and then in 1970, in Sagamore, Massachusetts.

The company is still in operation today known as the Pairpoint Crystal Glass Company, owned by Robert and June Bancroft.

Pairpoint Glass Marks
The letter P in a diamond shape

Pairpoint Glass Patterns, Designs

Popular Pairpoint Glass
Glass – blown glass, pressed glass
Jars – biscuit jar, powder jar
Plates – cup plate, quadruple plate
Vases – bubble vase, crystal vase

Pairpoint Glass Value, Price Guide
High $ – Mid $$$


  1. Craig Luedtke February 27, 2016

    I’m looking for a shade for a Pairpoint three candle base lamp. ( circa 1920 )
    This lamp has a marble base and a glass ball above it. can you help me?


  2. John Stewart III October 22, 2013

    …looking for Pairpoint hurricane candle shades.

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