PartyLite was founded in 1909 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts by Mabel Baker. She started off making her own candles and they became so popular that she started her own company. When demand grew, Mabel and her husband decided to build a factory to manufacture candles. She worked until her death at 93, in 1965. At that time, they were generating 6 million in sales annually.

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In 1973, PartyLite started in direct sales, which continue today thru consultants. Over the years, they’ve expanded to selling in other countries besides the United States, including the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In order to buy these products today, you have to find an independent consultant who has their own site you can order from or host a party.

From time to time PartyLite discontinues items and they become retired. These items have become very collectible and the best place to find them are at eBay.

Popular PartyLite Products
Aroma Melts
Bath And Body
Candle Holders
Home Accents – candle wreath, lamp, lantern, wall sconce
Snow Globes
Tealights – tealight holder
Votives – votive holder

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