Paul Revere Pottery

Paul Revere pottery was founded in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts, by a group of young female immigrants to help underprivileged teenage girls. They started out as the “Saturday Evening Girls Club” or S.E.G. for short and used to gather on Saturday nights to read and participate in craft projects. They changed their name to Paul Revere Pottery in 1908 after moving to a house located near the Old North Church where Paul Revere’s signal lanterns were placed. Edith Brown served as the supervisor for the Saturday Evening Girls Club pottery. In 1905, they moved to Brighton, Massachusetts and were known as the “Bowl Shop”.

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Paul Revere pottery mainly produced vases, tableware, children’s dishes and illustrated tiles. Most of them were hand decorated with black outlines filled in with color using sgraffito and molded decorations. The glazes were solid colors with a glossy, high glaze or Art Nouveau matte finish.

It was never a profitable operation and they depended on financial contributions to stay in business. Edith Brown passed away in 1932 and the pottery closed down in 1942.

Paul Revere Pottery Marks
Prior to 1915 – paper “Bowl Shop” labels
Boston – Paul Revere Pottery
Revere Pottery
P.R.P. for Paul Revere Pottery
S.E.G. for Saturday Evening Girls
some pieces also included a date

Popular Paul Revere Pottery
Bowls – cereal bowl
Breakfast Sets
Tea Sets
Tiles – illustrated tile
Vases – cylindrical vase

Paul Revere Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $$ – High $$$

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