Pillin Pottery

Pillin Pottery was founded in 1948, in Los Angeles, California, by William Pillin and Polia Pillin.

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They produced pottery in a more modern style with elongated, abstract figures of women, children, flowers, fish, birds, horses, and other animals. Polia painted them by using colored clays on wet clay. William then fired them, glazed them using a transparent glaze, then fired them again. Most pieces produced were vases and bowls.

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  1. Craig Vaughan June 23, 2014

    I have several Pillin items I bought in the late sixties and would like to sell. One is a small vase in black and brown with birds and women. Four saki/shot glasses with circular designs and mostly blue round container with birds and tree on the lid. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to sell then.

    Thank you

    Craig Vauahan

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