Roseville Pottery

Roseville Pottery Company was founded in 1890, in Roseville, Ohio, by J.F. Weaver. They produced many types of art pottery, with molded decorations using fruit and flowers being one of the more common decorations, along with stoneware flower pots and other household items.

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They were incorporated in 1892, with George Young as general manager. By 1896, George Young had controlling interest of the company. In 1898, they purchased the Midland Pottery Company. They opened a second plant in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1898, after purchasing the Clark Stoneware Company. Designer Ross C. Purdy introduced their first art pottery line in 1900, Rozane, which was very similar to Rookwood’s “Standard Glaze” line. The Rozane name was a combination of Roseville and Zanesville. In 1904, Roseville’s Rozane Mongol won first prize at the St. Louis Exposition. By 1905, the company was producing over 5,000 pieces a day, had over 300 people working for them and four plants. From 1904 – 1909, Frederick Rhead was the art director of Roseville. In 1915, Harry W. Rhead became Roseville’s new art director, designing the popular Donatello line. From 1917 – 1954, Frank Ferrell was the art director for Roseville, producing over 80 new lines. 1953 was the year Roseville produced its last designs.

Roseville closed down in 1954, after the Mosaic Tile Company bought the facilities and name and New England Ceramics bought all the Rosevills dies and molds.

Roseville Pottery Marks
Roseville U.S.A.
Roseville Pottery Company

Roseville Pottery Patterns, Lines
Bowls and Birds
Della Robbia – most sought after
Golden Azure
Ming Tree
Mock Orange
Rosecraft Black
Rozane, Rozane Egypto, Rozane Mongol
Zephyr Lily

Popular Roseville Pottery
Art Pottery
Flower Pots – painted flower pot
Mugs – cupidon mug, drinking mug
Vases – golden azure vase

Roseville Artists, Designers
Christian Neilson
Frederick Hurten Rhead
Gazo Foudji
John J. Herold

Roseville Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $ – Mid $,$$$


  1. Sue December 28, 2017

    I have 2 Roseville vases. One is signed and marked 987-9 pattern apple blossom. Rectangle, blue. The other is round green signed but not numbered. I’d like to sell but concerned I don’t know the value. Can you please help me?

  2. Linda La Deaux December 16, 2017

    Trying to find this teapot value on your website. There is no picture. Found it laying on a sidewalk for giveaway at a used secondhand store. Its a beautiful little teapot. Will send a picture. I believe its Zephyr Lily on it. Please give me some feed back. Thank you for your time and consideration in regards to this matter.

  3. DeDe March 6, 2017

    I have original mint condition 1933 Roseville Pottery Cherry Blossom Pink Vase.
    The reference number 627-12 shows its detail but does not appear on the base.
    Was offered $800 on the spot twenty-five years ago when looked at by antiques dealer.
    Am interested in current value. Considering selling.

  4. Marilyn S. Marshall March 2, 2017

    Have a Roseville 3 gallon brown crock butter churn, w lid and cover. Has Mark and crown on bottom, no cracks or chips. Interested in selling and like to know value, thank you, Marilyn

  5. Mel Panter February 25, 2017

    I found an interesting piece for $10 this week. It’s Magnolia on a deco teapot style planter. 182-5″ marked. Color is rose beige. I’ll send a photo of you request. I just would like to know how old it is and its value today.

  6. pat clark January 26, 2017

    How do I find the price of a 80 year old piece?

  7. Melinda Ahern September 22, 2016

    I have a large collection of Roseville, approximately 40 pieces. These are originals, not reproductions. I am seeking a collector that may be interested in the purchase of these beauties. A few have a chip, but most are pristine. I am open to inquiries. Thank you.

  8. Bonnie Fitzgerald August 4, 2016

    Looking for childs food dish with image of Goldilocks and 3 bears

  9. Laura Taylor June 5, 2016

    I am looking for a Roseville USA cat. It is primarily goldenrod in color, quit large (over 12″) and is in the lying down position. I own one and am trying to find out its value.

    Will you please contact me via email, if you get any information on this piece? I am anxiously looking forward to a response from you. Thank you.

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