Ruskin Pottery

The Ruskin pottery was founded in West Smethwick, Birmingham, England, in 1898 by Edward R. Taylor. It was named after art critic and artist John Ruskin. It’s best years came under Taylor’s son, William Howson Taylor, who was inspired by Chinese ceramics and glazes from the Sung and Ming dynasties. Ruskin Pottery was best known for its complex and exceptional glazes.

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The factory closed in 1935 after all the remaining wares were sold and the glaze recipe destroyed.

Ruskin Pottery Marks
William Howson Taylor until about 1899
Ruskin Pottery West Smethwick

Popular Ruskin Pottery
Bowls – pedestal bowl, high-fired stoneware bowl
Vases – high-fired stoneware ovoid vase, urn shaped vase

Ruskin Pottery Prices
Low $$ – Mid $,$$$


  1. Dalal Aly October 26, 2015

    I have inherited from my grandmother some Ruskin pottery plates and dishes , etc….they have punting along the edges. In lovely blue green color. I need to know how much something like this would be worth?

  2. Scott Rosenthal August 7, 2015

    Wrong I read it wrong it is 1916!!

  3. Scott Rosenthal August 7, 2015

    I have a piece that say “Ruskin 9/61”. What do I have here? It has a yellow beautiful glaze in a typical vase style. Thanks.

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