Schneider Glass

Schneider Glassworks was founded in 1917, in Epinay-sur-Seine, France, by Ernest and Charles Schneider. Charles worked under Emile Galle at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and then worked with his older brother Ernest at Daum Nancy. They produced mainly vases and also made bowls, candlesticks, lamps and much more.

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In 1913, they opened the Cristalleire Schneider near Paris. They closed during World War I but reopened in 1917. Schneider then began producing their most popular design, Le Verre Francais cameo glass. The vases base color was usually in contrast with the vase body. They were usually Art Deco designs with flowers or vines.

They produced glass until World War II. The company reopened under Charles Schneider Jr. after the war, producing glass until the early 1980’s.

Schneider Glass Marks
Le Verre Francais
Schneider with France and a vase for exports

Schneider Glass Patterns, Designs
Le Verre Francais
Tango Orange

Popular Schneider Glass
Charles Schneider Glass

Schneider Glass Value, Price Guide
High $ – Mid $$$

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