Thornton Pickard Cameras

Thornton Pickard was established in 1888 by John Edward Thornton and Edgar Pickard, in Manchester, and was one of the early British camera manufacturers. They were early pioneers in the camera industry with one of their patents being the “Time & Instantaneous” shutter.

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During World War I, Thornton Pickard produced cameras for military use including the Mark III Hythe gun camera. In 1921 they formed the Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers after merging with several other companies. The company ceased operations in 1939 after struggling to compete.

Popular Thornton Pickard Cameras
Ruby Models
Amber Models
1920’s Thornton Pickard Imperial Triple Extension plate camera – launched in 1913 and produced into the 1930’s, it was one of the most popular cameras of it’s time
1920’s Thornton Pickard Amber brass-mounted plate camera
Thornton-Pickard Junior Special
Thornton-Pickard Mark III

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