Troika Pottery

Troika Pottery was founded in 1963 by painter Lesley Illsley, potter Benny Sirota and architect Jan Thompson at Wheal Dream, St. Ives, Cornwall. After much success they moved to Newlyn in 1970 until its closure in 1983.

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Early pieces were smooth with glossy surfaces and often glazed white. These are the rarer of the pieces and more sought after by collectors.

Later pieces from about 1974 on, were more popular and numerous and had more of a rough glazed texture.

The colors are usually of an earthy tone with geometric shapes, influenced by Paul Klee and Constantin Brancusi.

Troika Pottery Marks
Marks are hand painted and located at the base
1963 – 1970 – St. Ives and Troika – St. Ives being the town Troika was founded
1970 – 1983 – Most pieces just have Troika, others have Troika Cornwall, Troika England, Troika Cornwall England
Some pottery will have the initials of the individual decorator such as:
SB – Stella Benjamin (1963 – 1967)
LJ – Louise Jinks (1976 – 1981)
CC – Colin Carbis (1976 – 1977)

Popular Troika Pottery
Chimney vase
Coffin vase
Cylinder vase
Rectangle vase
Rectangular table lamp
Slab vase
Square vase
Spice jar
Urn vase
Wall plaques from 1963 – 1970
Wheel vase

Troika Pottery Values
Mid $$ – Low $,$$$

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    i have a table lamp brancusi in brown which i would like to sell
    good condition no damage – do you know anyone who would like to buy it. i would prefer collection. i have had it checked out for validity and it is real thing.


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