Wheatley Pottery

Wheatley Pottery was founded in 1903, in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Thomas J. Wheatley. They produced arts and crafts style pottery similar to Grueby Pottery, gardenware, architectural items, art tiles and more. Wheatley Pottery was typically decorated in relief and covered in thick matte blue, green, orange, or yellow glazes.

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They ceased operation in 1910 and were purchased by the Cambridge Tile Manufacturing Company in 1927.

Wheatley Pottery Marks
WP enclosed in a circle

Popular Wheatley Pottery
Architectural Items
Art Pottery
Art Tiles
Faience Tile
Lamps – pottery lamp
Vases – carved vase, floral vase

Wheatley Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $ – Mid $,$$$

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  1. anneadams April 25, 2015

    I have a large Wheatley vase it is the thick green mottled color I did find the exact one on your site it is the same as the cornstalk vase except for color when I hit image for the green the cornstalk yellow comes up I’ve had for years and finally found but the only thing that came up was the cornstalk 10 to 15 thousand is this rare? Perfect shape no chips no cracks it’s very heavy can you send me any value or pictures I don’t no how to send pics and this would be for sale is there a Wheatley museum ty Anne Milton vt 8023553534

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