Boch Freres Keramis

Boch Freres Keramis was founded in 1841, in La Louviere in Belgium, by Eugene and Victor Boch and their brother-in-law.

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They produced earthenware, stoneware and many other wares. Early pieces resembled Delft and Villeroy & Boch.

They were known for their ceramic cloisonne technique otherwise known as “gras” and their Art Deco creations from the early 1900’s. Many pieces were outlined in black and had small pieces of glass, enamel and other materials adorning the creations.

In 1906, designer Charles Catteau joined the company as artistic director. His designs were inspired by African, Cubist and Japanese elements. Popular designs included animals, florals and geometric shapes.

Boch Freres Keramis closed down in 1985. Other companies acquired them, went bankrupt and finally closed for good in 2009.

Boch Freres Keramis Marks
Boch Freres Keramis – Made In Belgium

Boch Freres Keramis Patterns

Popular Boch Freres Keramis
Vases – hexagonal vase

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  1. Shauna Aubry May 31, 2016

    I have a Boch Freres Keramis vase, stamped BFK 54 AD. The ’54 AD’ is in a square. Printed in blue handwriting is ‘D. 3103.’ The vase is 6″ tall and is peach in color on the outside with a white, quilt-like pattern printed on it. Some squares have hash marks, birds (Doves maybe) A tulip and a daisy. The inside of the vase is purple. I haven’t been able to find anything even remotely similar. Any information is appreciated.

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Leonard J. Marzano September 25, 2014

    I have a Boch Freres la Louviere vase about 8-1/2″ high with vivid abstract flowers in bowl design. There are markings on the bottom – D.944 with an embossed 1000 K. Can anyone tell me the meaning of the markings? THANKS

  3. mary simmons August 21, 2014

    I have a bowl marked Boch Fre’res Keram Pyrus oer the top of Boch Freres. The pattern is blue flowers with berries around the top. Appears to be very old. I have not been successful in finding any similar like items. Please help me find a collector that might be interested and what price range for this item. Thank you,

  4. Prudence Abeln September 15, 2013

    I have a Boch F La Louviere wash pitcher, bowl and soap dish that I would like to value and date. Pink with a gold trim and in good condition. I acquired it when I lived in Belgium between 1985-1990.

    What is the best place to get more information?

    Thanks for your help.

    Prudence Abeln
    Taos, New Mexico

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