Fostoria Glass Company was founded in 1887, in Fostoria, Ohio. They moved to Moundsville, West Virginia a few years later in 1891. Over the years, they produced numerous types of glassware and tableware. In 1924, they started to produce a line of colored tableware.

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By 1925, they had five furnaces and many specialty shops producing stemware, glass, lamps, dinnerware and much more.

By 1950, they had produced more than 8 million pieces of glass and crystal. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, they had displays set up in major department stores and even produced their own magazine, “Creating with Crystal”.

The company was sold to Lancaster Colony Corporation in 1983 and closed in 1986.

The most popular items among collectors are Fostoria stemware and dinnerware, colored pieces and early American pieces.

Fostoria Marks

Fostoria Patterns
Century (1950)
Chintz (1940)
Colony (1940)
Country Club
Holly (1942)
Jamestown (1959)
June Night
Meadow Rose
Queen Anne
Romance (1942)
Rose (1951)
Wedding Ring (1953)

Popular Fostoria
Bowls – art glass bowl, fingerbowl, punch bowl
Cake Stands – square cake stand
Candle Holders – candelabra
Cups – sponge cup
Glassware – coin glass, milk glass
Jars – fruit jar
Plates – cake plate, dinner plate
Tableware – candy dish, cereal bowl, cheese stand, compote, creamer, cruet, cup, saucer, stemware
Vases – Are Deco vase by George Sakier, bud vase
Wine Glasses – House Of Representatives

Fostoria Prices
Low $ – Mid $,$$$


  1. Jane January 12, 2018

    I collect Fostoria Coronet and have extra pieces to sell/trade.

  2. Bob. Bird January 31, 2017

    Anyone looking to buy antique Fostoria glass wear. Can you email me. For my collection. Thank you

  3. George Berry September 30, 2016

    Fostoria Meadow Rose Blue – Looking for Cocktail-Liquor stemware & Fingerbowls. 703-473-0528

  4. Judy spaulding March 14, 2016

    I am looking for the Fostoria Spool Centerpiece bowl, pattern number 2550. I broke mine and want to replace it…thank you, Judy

  5. Tandy Ambutgey November 1, 2015

    I believe I have a set of Old Fostoria Candlestick Holders but cannot find them Anywhere. Is there someone that can identify, age and value them for me. I have had them for decades and am getting old. I would just like to know about them.
    Can send pictures and would appreciate help.
    Thank you,

  6. James Malenfant July 3, 2015

    There are 3 patterns missing, maybe 4.

    There is the Hawaiian Pattern, 2737. Produced from 1961-1963, and thought to commemorate Hawaii as a state. I have discovered this pattern to be extremely rare, and fairly inexpensive. I have 5 pieces, and the highest price was $90, for #239 the 11 1/2 inch Ruffled bowl. It looks like it was made yesterday. That was the most expensive piece on Ebay.

    The Heirloom pattern is also wonderful. The pieces look like flowers in the desert, and look like they were made yesterday. There were many items in this collection, and they came in Pink, Green, Blue, White, and Vaseline.

    The Contour pattern was way ahead of it;s time. The originals are very heavy and acid etched, the second line was not as heavy. Simple and crystal clear. Many pieces were available in this pattern.

    Another interesting pattern I have discovered is the Galleria pattern. When Fostoria was winding down production, they gave their name to a Romanian company, and imported their wares. This pattern was so ahead of it’s time in the early 80’s (?) that it is still available today from, called the Murano pattern. I say it has to have the sticker to be Fosoria, and I have two sherbet glasses, one with sticker, that are of much better quality, than the Murano. Some people might not call this a true Fostoria Pattern, but they are so pretty, get them anyway.

    This is what I have discovered. I would love to know what you know about these patterns, or post the information so others can see.

    I love my Fostoria crystal, and I have actually, created with crystal, in my home. No one else has anything like it.

    Thank you,

    James Malenfant

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