Galle Glass

Galle Glass was founded in 1874, in Nancy, France, by Emile Galle. He was a leader in the Art Nouveau movement in France and founder of the Nancy School.

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Most of the Galle glass produced was enameled and cameo glass, with nature and plant designs. Later he developed his own style, embedding pieces of colored glass into a larger piece of glass. He also carved or embedded glass with nature or plant motifs. In 1878, at the Paris International Exhibition, he won four gold medals for his designs. He opened up a workshop to mass-produce his pieces as well as other artist’s designs, employing over 300 workers at one time. It was the largest glass manufacturer in France, with shops in London, Paris and Germany. Besides glass, he also produced vases, pottery, and furniture.

Emile Galle died in 1904, but his widow continued to make glass. In 1914, the firm closed because of World War I. It reopened in 1918 and finally closed in 1931.

Galle Glass Marks
Sometimes the mark was hidden in the design of the piece
Galle – pieces that have a star before the name were made between 1904 and 1914.

Galle Glass Patterns, Designs

Popular Galle Glass
Vases – art deco vase, cabinet vase, cameo vase, crocus vase, floral vase

Galle Glass Value, Price Guide
High $ – Mid $$$

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