McKee Glass was founded in 1834, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by the McKee Brothers. They also went under the names J. & F. McKee, Bryce, McKee & Company, McKee and Brothers, National Glass Company and McKee Glass Company. Five brothers were involved in the company with James and Samuel involved in other McKee factories as well. They produced window glass, bottles, Depression glass, milk glass, kitchenware and much more.

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In the 1850’s, they opened up a factory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, producing flint and pressed glass. In 1888, they moved the factory to Jeanette, Pennsylvania, and within a year, combined with the National Glass Company. In 1903, they reorganized as the McKee Glass Company. They produced milk glass, pressed glass and window glass. In 1917, they made glass headlight lenses for Dodge. In 1951, they were sold and became the McKee Division of the Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company.

They were later acquired by the Jeannette Glass Company and finally closed down for good in 1983.

McKee Glass Marks
S.McKee & Co

McKee Glass Patterns, Designs
Turkey Tracks

Popular McKee Glass
Custard Glass
Depression Glass
Fruit Jars
Milk Glass
Pressed Glass
Window Glass

McKee Glass Value, Price Guide
High $ – Mid $$$

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  1. Lyn Linder November 22, 2014

    I recently purchased a water cooler bottle with gasket and heavy glass lid. There is a hole near the bottom that I assume is for a spicket, but there is also one on the top, and I wonder if it is for a stopper of some sort or cork just for air purpose.. It is probally about 5 gallon size, maybe a little less. I am told it comes from the local funeral home in Mayfield KY. I purchased it near there. I only paid $20 or $25 and thought it was a deal. I was looking for large glass containers to put cookie cutters in for display. Can you give me any info on this. It is marked McKee Glass Jeannette PA

    Thanks , Lyn

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