Paperback Books

The first mass-produced paperback was Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth, which was released in 1938 in New York City.

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The first paperbacks were usually reprints but original works came later on.

Popular Vintage Paperback Books, Paperbacks
1000 Facts Knowing
A Dame Gets Hers
Addams And Evil
All In Color For A Dime
All Quiet On The Western Front
Amazon Head-Hunters
An Informal History Of The Pulp Magazine
Anne Bobby Pirate Queen
Appointment In Hell
Argosy Book Of Adventure Stories, The
Avon Book Of Modern Short Stories, The
Avon Book Of Puzzles, The
Avon Webster English Dictionary
Bamboo Camp
Bantam Story, The
Barbary Shore
Barrett’s Hill
Battle: The Story Of The Bulge
Beardless Warriors, The
Beat To Quarters
Best Cartoons From Argosy
Best From True, The
Black Ivory
Black Maria
Blondie & Dagwood in Footlight Folly
Blood And Sand
Bloody Beaches
Bloody Jungle, The
Blue Negro, The
Bride From Broadway
Bridge at San Luis Rey, The
Bronze God Of Rhodes, The
Burma Surgeon
Butterfield 8
Call Of The Wild
Campus Joke Book
Cannery Row
Captain Blood
Caravan To Xanadu
Carolina Corsair
Cartoon Annual
Castles In The Air
Challenger Crossword Puzzles
Children’s Favorite Stories
Commodore Hornblower
Company K
Complete Sayings Of Jesus, The
Coral Comes High
Count Bruga
Cradle Of The Sun
Crossword Puzzles
Crowning Mercy, A
Cup Of Gold
Curse Of The Snark, The
Damned The
Dance-Hall Dyke
Dangerous Voyage
Dell Book Of Jokes
Diamond As Big As The Ritz And Other Stories, The
Drawn And Quartered
Electric Cook Book, The
Elephant For Aristotle, An
Elmer Gantry
England Under Hitler
Enough Rope
Everybody’s Book Of Jokes And Wisecracks
Everybody’s Dream Book
Farewell To Arms
Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Favorite Poems
Fickle Finger Of Fate
Five Great Tragedies
Flying Colours
Flying Saucers Are Real, The
Fort Everglades
G.I. Sketch Book
Gahan Wilson’s Graveside Manner
Ghost Patrol, The
Girl-Crazy Professor
Go Down To Glory
Golden Slave, The
Golden Wind, The
Good Earth, The
Grab Your Socks
Grapes Of Wrath, The
Great Gatsby, The
Great Smith
Great Stories From The Saturday Evening Post
Green Lantern And Green Arrow
Heaven Is My Destination
High Camp Super-Heroes
High Pressure
House Guest, The
How To Build And Operate A Model Railroad
How To Make Friends Easily
How To Play Canasta
How To Tell Your Friends From The Apes
How To Win And Hold A Husband
How To Win Friends And Influence People
Humorous Anecdotes And Funny Stories
I Made My Bed
I Was A Nazi Flyer
I, Libertine
Ill Wind
Intruder In The Dust
Invasion Of The Nymphomaniacs
Irish Thoroughbred
Is Another World Watching?
Jungle Book
Kingsblood Royal
Knock On Any Head
Korea’s Heroes
Ladies Man
Last Days Of Sodom And Gomorrah, The
Last Princess, The
Lingerie Ltd.
Long Ships
Long Valley, The
Lord Hornblower
Love Among The Haystacks
Love On The Run
Love Only Once
Love Stories Of India
Love-Making Of Max-Robert, The
MacArthur Man Of Action
Mad Reader, The
Magic Christian, The
Magic Explained
Maiden Of The Morning
Man Story
Man-Eaters Of Kumaon
Mansion Of Evil
Miracle On 34th Street
Mistress Wilding
Model Railroading
Moment Past Midnight
Monster Rally
Nake And The Lost, The
Naked Hollywood
Naked Night, The
No Place To Hide
Now And Forever
Now, Voyager
Oath Of Seven
Office Hussy
On Ice
One More Spring
Other Voices Other Rooms
Pastures Of Heaven, The
Picture Quiz Book
Pirate Wench
Pocket Book Of Home Canning, The
Poems Of Passion
Pony Book Of Puzzles
Private Life Of Helen Of Troy, The
Proceed At Your Own Risk
Promise Me Tomorrow
Puzzles For Everybody
Queen Of Hearts
Quick Service And Code Of The Woosters
Rasputin: The Mad Monk
Red Knight Of Germany, The
Rock ‘N Roll Gal
Rose For Emily
Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam
Rude Jokes
Run Silent, Run Deep
Saigon Slaughter
Sea Wolf, The
Second Helping!
Selected Poems Of Carl Sandberg
Selected Short Stories Of Ernest Hemingway
Selected Stories Of O. Henry
Sex Life And You
She Shark
She Wouldn’t Surrender
Sheik, The
Ship Of The Line
Sin Street
Small Back Room, The
Smile, Brother Smile!
Son Of The Sheik
South Sea Tales
Southern Fried
Steinbeck Pocket Book
Story Of Rabelais And Voltaire, The
Strange Desires
Sun Also Rises, The
Sweet Enemy
Sword Of Casanova
Swords For Charlemagne
Tales Of The Green Beret
Tarn House
Tender Is The Night
Terrific Trio, The
The Girl In The Spike-Heeled Shoes
The Stripper Died Dressed
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
This Way For Hell
Those About To Die
To A God Unknown
To Have And Have Not
Treasure Island
Turning Toward Home
Universe And Dr. Einstein, The
Valiant Is The Word For Carrie
Vintage Of Surrender
Wake Up And Live
Walk In The Sun, A
War In Korea
Warped Women
Way Of All Flesh
Wayward Bus, The
Web And The Rock, The
What Became Of Anna Bolton?
White Fang
Woman Of Rome, The
Wonder Wart-Hog
World Of Lil’ Abner
World’s Great Love Affairs, The
Wrath And The Wind
Wuthering Heights
Yankee Pasha
Your Child And You
Your Questions On Health
Zorro And The Pirate Raiders
Zorro Rides Again

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