Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Company was founded in 1901, in Brooklyn, New York, by Martin Bach and Thomas Johnson. They used to work for Tiffany but decided to start their own company. They also hired two other former Tiffany employees, Percy Britton and William Wiedebine. The company was named for the quezal, a bird with brilliantly colored feathers.

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The first products produced by Quezal were very similar to Tiffany and unmarked. Quezal pieces were a little brighter and more defined.

Bach’s son-in-law, Conrad Vahlsing, Jr., joined the company in 1918, but left to start the Lustre Art Glass Company in 1920, along with Paul Frank. They copied Quezal pieces.

Martin Bach died in 1924, and by 1925, Quezal had closed.

The Quezal mark was first used 1902 and can be found on the bases of bowls and vases and rims of shades.

Quezal Glass Marks
Quezal – first used in 1902
Printed label of a quezal used briefly in 1907

Quezal Glass Patterns, Designs
Lily Shades
Tulip Shades

Popular Quezal Glass
Art Glass
Lighting – chandeliers, lamps, nightlights, wall sconces
Shades – glass shades
Vases – cabinet vase, shouldered vase

Quezal Glass Value, Price Guide
High $ – Mid $$$

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