Ronson Lighters

The Ronson Lighter Company was founded in 1886, in New York City by Louis V. Aronson, but was called the Art Metal Works at the time. The following year the company moved to Newark, New Jersey.

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The first lighter they made ​​in 1913 was called the “Wonderliter”. It was a striking lighter known as the eternal match.

Ronson created the first automatic lighter in 1926, called the “Banjo Lighter”, which he received a patent for. It requires only one hand and the push of a button to create the flame, and stays lit as long as you hold the button down. It was marketed under the slogans “A flip – and it’s lit! Release – and it’s out!” and “Press It’s Lit – Release It’s Out”. These lighters became a worldwide success and soon many varieties were being produced under the Ronson brand.

It was followed in 1928 with the “Standard” model and in 1929 “Princess”.

During the 1930’s, Ronson produced many lighters that appealed to women. Cigarette cases, compacts, unique designs, rhinestones and other embellishments.

During the 1940’s and 1950’s, Ronson produced the Ronson Master Pack, which combined a watch, cigarette case with a lighter.

In the early 1980’s, its production factory closed in Leatherhead, England, due to high costs and decreased market share because of cheap disposable lighters.

Zippo acquired Ronson lighters and lighter fluid products in 2010 and still produce refillable and disposable pocket lighters.

Ronson Marks

Popular Ronson Lighters – dates (where available) are when the lighter was first introduced
Adonis (1947)
Bango (1926)
Banker (1937)
Bolero (1954)
Cadet (1959), Cadet Adonis (1960’s), Cadet Mini (1959)
Capri Lighter (1954)
Colonial (1936)
Colonnade Touch Tip (1940)
Crown (1936)
Queen Anne
RoCupid (1956)
Touch Tip
Gas Lighters
Pocket Lighters
Table Lighters

Ronson Prices
Mid $ – Mid $,$$$


  1. Sue Dittus September 21, 2016

    What would be the value of a Ronson Viking lighter, never used, in its original box with fuel cartridge and small paper info sheet in original cover?

    Sue Dittus

  2. Katy Sedgwick February 3, 2014

    I was searching for Ronson vintage lighter repairs. I have 2 table top, flint and wick, silver plated Ronson lighters-guessing from 1950-1960. They need clean up, flint and wicks. Do you offer repair service? I live in Sylva, NC and saw your website when searching for Ronson lighter repair service in WNC. I’d appreciate your response.

    Thank You,
    Katy Sedgwick

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