Rookwood Pottery

Rookwood Pottery was founded in 1880, in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Maria Longworth Nichols Storer. The Rookwood name comes from her family estate, Rookwood, named for the crows (rooks) inhabiting the estate and also to remind customers of Wedgwood. They are best known for their high quality vases. They also produced some tile, bookends, paperweights, etc.

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William Watts Taylor joined the company as production manager in 1883 and the company finally started to make a profit. The company won two gold medals for their work: one at the Exhibition of American Art History and one later that year at the Exhibition Universelle, in Paris. William Taylor purchased the company in 1890, when Nichols moved overseas. In 1900, they won another award, the Grand Prix, at the Paris Exposition. Many famous artists were employed by the company over the years, listed below.

The stock market collapse and the Great Depression took its toll on the Rookwood Pottery, causing them to file for bankruptcy in 1941. It was then reorganized under new management and then sold again in 1956, and then a few years later in 1959, to the Herschede Clock Company. Production was then moved to Starkville, Mississippi, and they finally closed down in 1967.

In 2005, Christopher Rose and his brother, Patrick Rose, bought the company along with the molds and trademark from Dr. Arthur Townley, who had purchased it in 1982. The company is still in operation today making art pottery, fireplaces, architectural tile, bookends, limited edition steins and vases, and much more.

Rookwood Pottery Marks
There are different aspects that can be found on Rookwood marks, they can include – clay or body mark, size mark, decorator mark, date mark, shape number, factory mark, color of the body, type of glaze
Rookwood (1880 – 1882) – incised or painted on the base in gold
Rookwood Pottery/Date (prior to 1882)
R.P.C.O.M.L.N. – initials that stand for Rookwood Pottery, Cincinnati, Ohio, Maria Longworth Nichols
Rookwood plus the address and year made in an oval (1881 – 1886)
RP (the r is reversed) plus a flame mark added each year starting in (1886 – 1900)
Roman numerals indicating last two digits of the year made underneath the RP flame mark (after 1900)
RP (most pieces from 1886 – 1960)
Rookwood Pottery/Starkville Miss (1962 – 1967)

Rookwood Pottery Patterns, Lines
Aerial Blue
Black Iris – one of the most sought after by collectors
Iris (1894)
Production Ware
Sea Green (1894)
Standard Glaze (1884)
Vellum (1900)
Wax Mat

Popular Rookwood Pottery
Tiles – faience tile
Vases – matte glaze vase, ovoid vase

Rookwood Artists, Designers
A.R. Valentien
Albert Valentien
Amelia Browne Sprague
Anna Marie Valentien
Arthur Conant
C.S. Todd
Caroline Steinle
Carl Schmidt
Ed Diers
Elizabeth Barrett
Elizabeth Lincoln
Emma Foertmeyer
Fred Rothenbusch
Irene Bishop
Jeannette Swing
Jens Jenson
Kataro Shirayamadani
Katherine Jones
Lorinda Epply
Louise Abel
Madeline Nourse
Maria Longworth Nichols
Marianne Mitchell
Mary Helen McDonald
Matthew Daly
Sallie Coyne
Sara Elizabeth Coyne
Sara Sax
William Hentschel

Rookwood Pottery Value, Price Guide
Mid $$ – Mid $,$$$


  1. Judith Gash July 11, 2017

    I have a 1900 S1596 Rookwood vase by K. Shirayamadani with standard glaze over red-hot-poker flowers. Dark. 13″tall. One of a kind shape. Authenticated by the Cincinnati Museum. No chips, cracks or repairs.

    Can anyone give me a general sale or auction value?

  2. Bee October 5, 2016

    Where can I get some information on a piece of Rookwood ?

  3. Michael August 14, 2015

    Have a Beautiful Rookwood Vase belonged to my Great Grandmother dated 1883 looking to find it a good home!

  4. Ruth December 16, 2014

    I live near Washington D.C. We lived in Cincinnati many years. I have some nice Rookwood to sell. Are there any dealers or collectors your could recommend who
    might be interested.

    Thank you.

  5. Anne Miners August 18, 2014

    I have inherited a piece of Rookwood. It appears to be a potpourri in the matte rose pink glaze . There are 3 pieces, the base, a lid which covers the base and a second perforated lid which goes above. It is approx. 7 inches high (with both covers on) and 5 inches in diameter.
    It is in perfect condition with no cracks, chips or marks.
    The Rookwood Pottery mark is incised on the base with XXXIII ( 1933?), The number 6247 and an incised A in a circle which I think indicates Louise Abel as the artist.
    Is there a market for this piece and what would its approx. value be?

  6. Shearer August 17, 2014

    Have a vace can’t find any others like it to compare can you help.

  7. Wandar April 6, 2014

    Can you give me information for pottery piece LX 7158. Appears to have blue drip glaze.
    Your help will be appreciated.

  8. Allan Kaye February 5, 2014

    I have a piece of Rookwood, 1893, Charles Dibrowski..It is Gorham silver embellished with a flower and leaf decoration underglaze and silver overlay.
    Can you give me an approximate price that I can get for this piece?

  9. Diane January 9, 2014

    I have moved from Cincinnati Ohio to florida….. I am looking to sell a very large and nice signed piece of Rookwood. I am looking for the best outlet in which to sell in Florida… any suggestions?

  10. jeffrey morgan November 18, 2013

    I have a little over 4000 dollars worth of Rookwood that was purchased with a gift certificate I won in Channel 48’s actionauction back ‘2009.I would like to sale all of it at once but will be glad to piece it out for any buyers out there.I have a set of Union terminal powder blue bookends,a wallhanging(with frame)of the Tyler Davidson fountain downtown Cincinnati,a set of 3 tiles also with frame,a mat green coaster”display”tile and a paperweight.The paperweight is ocean green as is the coaster.The fountain is done in maroonish red and the 3 tile set a beautiful ocean blue.Priced individually they are already worth double what I paid,but as stated I will not gouge anyone.Just looking to get out even.I also have a framed Jim Borgman cartoon from that same auction I would like to see displayed somewhere of better suited space than my closet.I paid just over 1k for it,but am just looking to move these and other collectibles I can not display.

  11. mike deen October 11, 2013

    I have a significant number of Rookwood pieces, mostly “frogs”. I am interested in “broadening” my collection into other shapes also. Please advise if you have any Rookwood pieces, condition and price asked. I live on the Island.

    Mike Deen

  12. Virginia Gardner April 7, 2013

    I would like to know if you could give me any information on a couple of figurines I purchased at a yard sale. I went on line, but did not find out a lot of information. On the box it reads Saravel Graisa Monti – figurine made from a special blendof clay. Each handpainted and have amazingly defined features. They were made in Taiwan. They even have bar codes on the boxes. The note inside reads (Grasi Mont Linited), They were maded by a procedure called slip casting something about an extra green finish and sintering up to 1280 degrees C in the first grade. They were sprayedand hand-painted then double sintering up to 750 degrees C to keep the colors on ant to get rid of poison derived from lead element. They are over 12″ high. It also state all these above mentioned make the subject figuring a real combination of art. They look like old people from another land overseas maybe Poland etc. I paid $1.50 each. They are in excellant condition like new. If you have any knowlege of the figurines, I would appreciate greatly. You may also reach me on my cell-513-498-9337 Thank you,

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